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The artist

Born in 1983 in Alès (Gard), Karima GUEMAR alias Coco, work in Castelnau-le-Lez (Hérault).


After a scientific school career, she worked as an optician for 14 years. In 2013, she realized her first acrylic paintings before turning to resin technique. After that a bond was created between the material and the artist, the resin by its indomptatibility gives free to her imagination.

Coco uses mixed techniques, the experimental approach to substances allows her to reinvent herself with each work.  


A pioneer in this approach to abstract art in France, over time she developed her own style.  


She belongs to the abstract expressionist movement. The beginning of each painting is like a ritual: an emotion perceived in a calm atmosphere, skilfully chosen colors and a touch of audacity. Passion guides her actions and gives birth to a Coco work. Her work is both intuitive and irrational.  


Her creations are articulated in two collections: "Light" is focused on landscapes and "Dark" represents sea or land depths. These are developed by a succession of layers of resin which bring three-dimensionality to her work. Each color, each texture is carefully chosen to result in an osmosis of sensations. The artist is keen to make travel, art lovers and collectors, through unique works full of emotion.      


"Imagine you could travel from your living room or even from your office for a moment. I offer you this possibility, to escape through landscapes, emotions ”Coco.

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